Window Tinting

If you are thinking about tinting the widows of your car, then you will be able to choose from several several ones as there are different levels and materials to choose from. The different levels of window tinting will really depend on just how dark you shall want any tinting on the windows of the car to be and also just how much you will be willing to spend as well.

You could save up to $500 in gas within the first year

Does your car have air conditioning? Ever notice the air conditioning system seems to work all the time and drains your precious gasoline? Window tinting is the best way to reduce heat inside the vehicle making it easier for the air conditioning system. Think of it as a tune-up for your vehicle a/c, if it runs efficiently you will instantly save an easy 10% in gas usage.

Levels of tinting is really determined on how much light can get in through the car window. Tint always appears to be darker from inside the automobile, which is due to the fact that the light is unable to escape from inside of the car. In most cases the levels of tint is 35 %, 20 % and also 15 %.

The choice that most people make is 20 % for the side of the automobile and 15 % for the rear window. Most states do have a certain maximum level that is permitted by law, but there are no requirements or restrictions for the rear of the automobiles. It is a fact that the higher the percentage of tint, the more heat the tint can reflect.

There are a few different types of tint, such as hybrid, dyed and metalized. The hybrid is of mid quality and is known as high performance tint which can combine metalized and dyed materials. This type of tinting will reject much more solar heat than any dyed material can.

The dyed is a more lower quality and is also much more cheaper in price and is known to be non reflective. This kind of tint will change to the color of purple and over time will begin to bubble up. The best quality tint is the metalized and the solar heat rejection is basically the same as the hybrid and this comes along with a warranty that is for a lifetime.

When it comes time for you to provide some care for the tint, you must keep in mind to never use any a cleaners with ammonia, they will only damage and begin to remove some tint. There are several shops that sell some safer cleaning products for any tint that does not have any ammonia content.

You can also use some soapy water along with the use of a very soft cloth so you will be able to clean your windows without ever damaging this tint on the windows. Afterwards, then just use some warm water so to rinse and then just dry the windows of your car with a very soft cloth.